The Pakistani Constitution guarantees the right to personal autonomy, including the freedom to marry whomever one pleases. We are committed to assisting young people in achieving the marital unions of their dreams through the legal process of court marriage. The development of court marriage can be attributed to several different factors, including, but not limited to, late marriages, an increase in education level, increasing contact between people of different sexes, and several other factors.

In modern times, an increase in education level has brought about changes in the way of life in Pakistan; however, our society is still quite traditional regarding court marriage. In addition, parents often view their children more as assets for the family than as live members.

Because there has been an uptick in the practice of court marriage, there has also been a number of cases of threats to the married couples who follow the court marriage. As a result, it is of the utmost significance that the state defends the life and liberty of the couple getting married in court. Adults who have reached the legal age of marriage can now wed of their own free will and according to their desires through the process of court marriage by following the steps outlined in the law.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Constitution recognizes and upholds the fundamental human right of spousal autonomy, sometimes the right to select a mate for life.

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