Child Support System in Pakistan operates and will provide you with a general understanding of what to do if you are either looking for child support or are the one who is responsible for paying child maintenance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more inquiries, issues, or questions.

The payments given by a father to his children are referred to as child maintenance or child support in Pakistan. The father makes these payments of the child to his children. If the children are still young, these payments are made to the mother (or anyone else who has custody of the child or children). If the father has physical custody of the children, then he is not required to make any payments for child support because he will be responsible for the children’s financial upkeep alone.

In Pakistan, Child Support is exclusively paid by the father,

This is abundantly apparent in the Quran, where Sharia law originates. A lady might decide to foot the bill for their child, but the father is the only one who is held legally responsible for the child.

If the biological father cannot provide financial support for his child or children, the obligation to do so will fall on the child’s or the children’s grandfather. This is typically a payment that is paid to the mother every month, and it can be made through the mother’s bank account, a separate bank account for the kid or children, the court, or the treasury.

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