The legal process applied to situations that are not considered criminal is referred to as “civil litigation,” This phrase is used to characterize the process. The process of filing and subsequent application of a civil lawsuit are referred to as civil litigation; civil litigation is incorporated into a conflict that is not criminal to assist in producing a resolution. Disputes that arise out of family law, situations involving child support payments, custody battles, disputes between individuals and credit card firms, and legal battles over dispute resolutions all fall under this category that arise between landlords and tenants, and situations that involve a breach of contract are all examples of the types of conflicts that can be resolved through civil litigation.

The process of resolving a legal dispute between two or more parties (individuals or business entities) who are seeking compensation (in the form of money) for damages incurred or particular acts that were not fulfilled may be referred to as arbitration. This process can take place in either state or federal court.

Legal professionals practicing civil litigation will represent a party at a trial, a hearing, or alternative resolution methods, such as arbitrations or mediation. These hearings can be heard by administrative agencies, foreign tribunals, and federal, state, or local court systems. Litigators are lawyers or other legal professionals who specialize in civil litigation.

Different Categories of Civil Cases:

Civil litigation will involve various disagreements, each of which will directly affect the enactment of several legal matters. Because this trait is so common, civil litigators will often focus their practice on one particular law topic.

The most typical forms of civil action will involve disagreements over laws that apply to landlords and tenants.

  • Environmental law products liability
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Concerns of construction
  • Medical malpractice
  • Employment, and labor
  • Antitrust laws, worker’s compensation legislation
  • Real estate law
  • Education law are other examples.

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