There is no doubt about it that Overseas Pakistanis want a platform that is both effective and easy to use to resolve their family and property issues. They face various challenges while attempting to communicate with their lawyers in Pakistan about these matters. Similarly, the legal systems in Pakistan need to have the appropriate mechanisms in place to guarantee that the procedures of Pakistanis living abroad are carried out impartially.

Our law firm is home to a specialized division known as Legal Services for Overseas Pakistanis, which caters solely to the legal needs of Pakistanis living outside the country.

We devised a transparent framework for effective communication with the Overseas Pakistanis, in conjunction with them, to rectify their litigation efficiently and effectively. We make it easier for our customers in other countries to interact with us so that we can bring their genuine complaints to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Our customers can be apprised of any developments in their cases by utilizing this approach.

The following categories of legal concerns are covered by the services provided:

Transactions involving the purchase and/or sale of residential and commercial real estate

Property disputes involving residential, commercial, and agricultural land

Confirmation of ownership of the property

Rent Agreements

Proceedings before the Board of Revenue (BOR)

Acquiring one’s birth certificate as well as one’s marriage certificate

The authentication and legalization of documents

Registration for the National Tax Number (NTN)

Legal battles over divorce and custody of the children

Succession certificates

A declaration of ownership for the legitimate heirs

Visas for spouses and children of foreign nationals to enter Pakistan.