Many of us confuse civil cases with criminal cases; there is a vast difference between the two of these. The main distinction between civil and criminal litigation is that in civil proceedings, one or both parties seek money or other forms of compensation rather than criminal charges. In most criminal cases, the prosecution represents the state where the trial is held. In contrast, in civil proceedings, both parties represent themselves with the help of a civil litigation attorney or legal counsel. These are just a some of the most prevalent ones. typical sorts of civil court cases mentioned below:

Contract Disputes

A contract conflict arises when one or more parties that signed a contract are unable or unwilling to execute their duties. This can happen when an agreement is drafted in ambiguous language, causing the signers to have differing expectations. Still, it frequently occurs when one party overextends themselves and lacks the funds or personnel to fulfill their promises.

Family Cases

Marriage Dissolution

If a couple decides to call it a quit on their marriage relationship, they can file a lawsuit in family court and ask for a court order. Divorce or annulment proceedings can be used to end a marriage. The court can also award a separation, in which the court makes property, alimony, and child custody orders, but the parties are still legally married. More information is available on this site’s Divorce, Annulment, and Separation pages.

Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions

If there are compelling reasons why a parent should no longer have parental contact with a child, the family court may terminate that parent’s rights (such as abandonment, neglect, or abuse). A family court can authorize an adoption to establish a legal parent-child relationship if someone else wishes to be the child’s legal parent. This website’s Adoptions and Terminating Parental Rights section has more information.

Child Custody

If a man needs to be proclaimed the father of a child, either parent might file a paternity action with the family court. This establishes the child’s paternity for all time. Legal custody, physical custody, visitation schedules, and child support can all be ordered by the court for unmarried parents. This website’s Custody, Paternity, and Child Support section have more information on these types of cases.

Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse victims can ask a family court for a protective order to keep their attacker at far.

Property Disputes

Property law deals with disagreements over property ownership and harm to another person’s property or real estate. A civil litigation attorney can handle various forms of property issues. Property line disputes are typical in which one party claims that their neighbor breached the property line boundary between their two residences for building or planting.

Complaints Against the City

Complaints against the local or federal government are usually resolved outside of court, but if the government refuses to settle, the cases are generally adjudicated as civil proceedings. These lawsuits can be filed in any situation where the plaintiff claims that a city law or policy has harmed its inhabitants.

There are many additional forms of civil lawsuits, and civil action may be brought after a criminal case that has resulted in a negative conclusion for the prosecution.

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