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Legal Heirship and Inheritance Issues

The procedure through which persons may acquire assets from the estate of a recently deceased family member is governed by.

Marriage & Divorce Matters

The Pakistani Constitution guarantees the right to personal autonomy, including the freedom to marry whomever one pleases. We are committed.

Child Custody & Maintenance

Child Support System in Pakistan operates and will provide you with a general understanding of what to do if you.


We are experts in immigration consultancy and are here to assist you in your immigration procedure from one nation to.

NAB References

At Rahim Law Office LLP (RLO), since 2010 we bring vast experience to individuals under investigation for or charged with.

Alternate Dispute Resolution/Mediation/Arbitration

The Rahim Law Office LLP (RLO) under the professional expertise of its Chief Executive Barrister Malik Talha Ahmed Rahim (AHC).

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